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Who is LiveView Technologies?

LiveView Technologies (LVT) provides cutting-edge surveillance technology. We combine proprietary software and hardware for a completely mobile, cloud-based security solution. Our units do not require power or internet, can be set up in 30 minutes or less, and can be deployed anywhere in the world. LVT makes security proactive instead of reactive. Traditional covert security and surveillance help for evidentiary purposes. Our technology goes beyond this with active deterrence to dissuade crime and alert users the instant there is an incursion on their property, giving property owners an opportunity to act before damage is done.

LVT Software

LVT uses pure cloud plus edge computing. This means your company does not have to build costly data centers or infrastructure, write software, or hire IT support staff. Our infrastructure-as-a-service allows you to focus on your core competency while using technology as cost-effectively as possible. In short, let us be IT for your security so you can focus on what you do best.

LVT Platform

Every LVT Unit pairs with the LVT Platform, our video management system (VMS). It is a highly organized, cloud-based solution that ensures secure live streaming and automatically archived videos without the need for costly IT infrastructure. It is accessible from any browser and the LVT mobile app. Furthermore, the programming in the LVT Platform helps identify threats and alerts the user when something requires their attention.

The LVT Platform allows for:

  • Camera manipulation
  • View of live feeds
  • Review of past recordings
  • Transference of data
  • Advanced security analytics

LVT Hardware

Unlike traditional security solutions, we rely heavily on overt security solutions. Our ruggedized hardware is easy to spot, and we purposefully draw more attention to our units by equipping them with strobe lights, floodlights, and two-way speakers. Each of these features uses top-of-the-line hardware and each connects to the LVT Platform. Furthermore, our units are completely mobile and require no wires. Instead, they combine solar power, batteries, and generators when necessary. This allows our units to be deployed anywhere-whether that is a busy street corner or a remote job site.

Edge Controller

The edge controller is the bridge between our sleek hardware and our proprietary software. It has three main purposes – to communicate between the unit and the LVT Platform, to monitor and manage the health of the unit, and to pre-process data from the unit. Think of it as the brains behind every LVT Unit – telling the cameras, lights, and speaker what to do and when.

Head Unit

The head unit is where all of the LVT magic happens. It houses the edge controller as well as the cameras, lights, speaker, and other sensors. We produce several iterations of the head unit so we can provide the best results for you and your business.

  • 70 – 120° high resolution horizontal FOV
  • Optical, IR illumination, thermal and PTZ
  • Human and vehicle detection up to 659 ft
  • Maximum streaming resolution of 1920×1080 (PTZ) and 2992×2992 (panoramic)
  • 58° (PTZ) and 360° (panoramic) horizontal FOV per camera
  • Two-way speaker
  • Flood light and blue/red strobe lights
  • NDAA and TAA compliant options
  • 70 – 120° high resolution horizontal FOV
  • Optical, IR illumination, thermal and PTZ
  • Human and vehicle detection up to 325 ft
  • Maximum streaming resolution of 1920×1080 (PTZ)
  • 58° (PTZ) and 360° (panoramic) horizontal FOV per camera
  • Blue/red strobe lights
  • NDAA and TAA compliant options

Trailer Technical Specifications

Weight1,800 LBS
Suspension2,000 LBS axle & springs
Tire size13*

24V DC @ 24 watts (disarmed)

@36 watts (armed)

@100 watts (max, floodlight on)

Solar generation800 watts
Battery bank capacity460 AH


Length 10 3″100″13.5″
Height 2 6 4″10 2″10 2″
Width 96″67.75″67.75″

Trailer Technical Specifications

Weight: 1,800 LBS
Suspension: 2,000 LBS axle & springs
Tire Size: 13*
24 V DC @ 24 watts (disarmed)
@36 watts (armed)
@100 watts (max, floodlight on)
Solar Generation: 800 watts
Battery Bank Capacity: 460 AH


Length 10 3″
Transport: 100″
Tow: 13.5″

Height 2 6 4″
Transport: 10 2″
Tow: 10 2″

Width 96″
Transport: 67.75″
Tow: 67.75″

Mounting Options

Every head unit can be mounted on any of our mounting options.


LVT partners with some of the biggest names in retail to make their properties safer and to prevent theft. The visibility of LVT Units is a huge benefit for this industry. In fact, one retailer saw a 40-70% decrease in parking lot incidents after deploying LVT Units.

Other benefits:

  • Increase in safety
  • Reduction of violent crime
  • Disband illegal gatherings
  • Deter parking lot theft and vandalism
  • Prevent merchandise shrink
  • Create ambiance
  • Discourage loitering


“Our top priority is to protect employees and increase customers’ comfort level. We have seen a 62% reduction in high-risk crimes and a 69% reduction in grab-and-go theft.”
Director of Loss Prevention, Big Box Retailer

Critical Infrastructure

Gas, electrical, and oil companies across the nation rely on LVT to protect their properties and assets. LVT Units can help secure their remote sites because they don’t require traditional communication or power links.

Other infrastructure uses are:

  • Increase security
  • Perimeter detection
  • Protect employees
  • Decrease vandalism
  • Remote operational management


“Because our locations are so remote, response time for local law enforcement is the better part of an hour. The cameras not only give us a preliminary view so we can decide if we need to call the police, but also help us deter crime.”
Head Of Security Services Usa And Canada At Enel North America


State and local governments are responsible for managing a wide variety of events and crises. LVT provides surveillance for these events with mobile, overt systems that utilize deterrence to actively prevent incidents.

Other uses are:

  • Prevent illegal dumping
  • Monitor government property
  • Event crowd management
  • Natural disaster relief
  • Manage public health crises
  • Monitor election sites


“We have seen 700% success in the areas where the cameras are located.”
Director of the Department of Public Works, City of Camden 

Emergency Services

Law enforcement and first responder agencies across the nation use LVT for both overt and covert operations. LVT Units are particularly useful because they are quick to set up, they don’t require technical specialists, and they are 100% off-the-grid.

More industry use cases include:

  • Surveillance at public gatherings and special events
  • Deter crimes
  • Show of force
  • Observe high and low traffic areas
  • Covert operations
  • Evidence collection and transference
  • Augment manpower


“LVT fills the monitoring gap that we had for significantly less than 24/7 human surveillance.”
Emergency Manager, County Sheriff Department


Whether it’s a sporting event, theme park, concert, or even just the local farmer’s market, security is a must with so many people coming and going. LVT provides this for professional sporting brands, theme parks, and festivals.

Other use cases include:

  • Crowd management
  • Increase parking lot security
  • Manage and direct traffic
  • Play announcements
  • Broadcast pregame show
  • Play theme park music/create ambiance


“LVT gives me that real-time view that I need to communicate effectively and
tell our staff what changes are coming.”
Head of Safety and Security Operations, Kansas City Chiefs


Departments of transportation around the nation use LVT to keep roads, bridges, and highways safe. Because LVT Units can be mounted on poles, overpasses, walls, or mobile trailers they can provide video surveillance for any road including mountain passes or major interstates.

Other use cases are:

  • Monitor roads
  • Direct snowplows
  • Report traffic
  • Incident notifications
  • Direct highway patrol
  • Inform the public of delays
  • Watch construction sites


“The units take a load off of me. They are easy to move and are doing their job. The portability of the units is great in lieu of staff.”
Asset Security Director, Transportation


Construction sites are continually changing as the project progresses. The LVT solution is ideal for this environment because it is off-the-grid, simple to move during the project, and easy to relocate to the next jobsite.

Other use cases for the construction industry:

  • Increase jobsite security
  • Reduce theft
  • Create a perimeter
  • Manage jobsite
  • Share timelapse video
  • Augment security guards
  • Resolve liability claims
  • Meet insurance requirements


“We have limited access to utilities or power, so the fact that we have security that is solar powered and is completely mobile is awesome.”
Managing Partner, Wohali Partners

Property Management 

LVT can help increase surveillance on every type of property-from remote farmland to a busy street corner. Our wireless security units can create a perimeter around a field, keep an eye on wandering cattle, or even watch passersby on the sidewalk.

Other use cases include:

  • Manage operations remotely
  • Observe current conditions
  • Know when someone trespasses
  • Create timelapse video


“Because of our remote location and the need that we have, Live View
Technologies gives us peace of mind.”
President and General Manager, lntermountain Landfill 

Real Estate

High-density housing has constant turnover and heavy foot traffic, which increases the likelihood of vandalism and crime. LVT Units help monitor apartments, condos, townhomes, and HOA communities.

Here are some use cases for the housing industry:

  • Reduce theft
  • Increase tenant safety
  • Decrease vandalism
  • Deter crime
  • Increase occupancy rates


“The system was placed to monitor locations of concern and resulted in a lower amount of criminal activity in those areas. The effect was such that, on multiple occasions, residents asked that the Lvr system be left rather than moved to another location.”
Captain, Police Department

Higher Education

Unfortunately, universities and their surrounding areas are often hotspots for crimes as students come and go. LVT Units help campus police and security expand their efforts and allow their boots on the ground to go further, all while increasing safety for students and staff.

Other uses on campus are:

  • Increase security on campus
  • Crowd control
  • Broadcast school announcements and reminders
  • Increase student and staff safety


“The software was really appealing to us. You can toggle between the different feeds from your desk. That really sold us and is providing the visibility across our campus we need.”
Public Safety Director, University

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